​Here you find the latest press releases from Falck.

Falck supports EMS2018


Falck will be Diamond Sponsor for the third European Congress on Emergency Medical Services – EMS2018.

Falck wins ambulance tender in Cologne

The city of Cologne has awarded Falck the ambulance contract for lot number two, which operates out of Marienburg in southern Cologne. This lot is one out of ten ambulance lots, which was tendered in Cologne.

Falck Takes Full Control of Grupo EMI

​Falck acquires the remaining 36.9% of the shares of Grupo EMI and takes full ownership of Colombia’s leading provider of pre-hospital medical care.

Falck enters European roadside assistance alliance

Falck Assistance Nordic joins RAC (UK), VHD (The Netherlands) and Europ Assistance (rest of European coverage) in forming ERA, a European-wide alliance of well-established motoring services businesses.

H1 2017 results affected by substantial impairment losses

Revenue increased by DKK 32 million in the first six months of 2017 to DKK 8,058 million (DKK 8,026 million in the first six months of 2016).

Falck finds new CFO in Canada

49-year-old Tor Magne Lønnum will take up the position as CFO and join Falck’s Executive Management in September.

Falck Safety Services’ new CEO appointed

Tom Bjerg Lauritzen will take op the position as the new CEO of Falck Safety Services on April 18th.

Financial report 2016

Falck today announced its Annual Report for 2016. To read the report, click read more.

Jakob Riis appointed new president and CEO of Falck

Falck A/S today announced that the Board of Directors of the company has appointed Jakob Riis as new president and CEO of Falck. Jakob Riis will take up his new position on 1 May 2017.

HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, patron of EMS2017

​We are honored to announce that Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark has accepted to be patron of EMS2017, the second European Emergency Medical Services Congress.

Allan Søgaard Larsen to step down as CEO of Falck

The board of directors of Falck A/S today entered into an agreement with Chief Executive Officer Allan Søgaard Larsen that he will step down as CEO of Falck.

Jakob Just-Bomholt to head Falck Emergency

The new CEO of Falck’s Emergency division has been appointed. It is Jakob Just-Bomholt who joins Falck after a long career in the Maersk Group.

Falck and Verisure announce a strengthening of their security offerings

Falck supports the European EMS2017 Congress in Copenhagen

Falck will be Diamond Sponsor for the 2nd European Congress on Emergency Medical Services

Update on Coup Attack in Turkey

Stay updated on the latest development in the situation in Turkey.

Coup Attack in Turkey

After the failed military coup in Turkey Falck Global Assistance is in highest alert and has already helped and assisted several people in Turkey with guidance and advice.

Security update and awareness to the psychological effects after terror attack

Falck Global Assistance has already assisted several people in Nice with guidance and advice. The assistance has mainly revolved around coordination of transportation out of Nice, security, medical and psychological assistance.

Growth for Falck in Brazil

Falck Fire & Safety do Brasil SA has just signed a 3-year contract for airport rescue and firefighting services (ARFFS) to the Belo Horizonte International Airport with the option to extend the contract for one more year

Falck restructures its Safety Services

The rescue and safety group Falck is restructuring its business division Falck Safety Services. The move is in response to the global crisis in the oil and gas industry.

Video: 900 new Falck people in Catalonia

Falck’s Spanish crew who have been working around the clock the last four months to hire 900 new people

Falck acquires leading private ambulance company in Malaysia

By acquiring First Ambulance, Falck forms a strong partnership with an experienced local player to establish a platform for the expansion throughout Malaysia

Falck’s crisis team returns from Brussels

​Since the bomb attacks on Tuesday, Falck has followed the situation in Brussels closely. We have continuously evaluated the situation, and now after two days, we see a declining the need for Falck’s presence in the Belgium capital.

Crisis team in place in Brussels

Late Tuesday evening, a crisis team from Falck Global Assistance arrived in Brussels to provide information and support to Nordic travellers and expatriates who are in the city.

Falck deploys crisis team to Brussels to assist Nordic travellers and expats

After the bomb attacks in Brussels Tuesday morning, Falck deploys a crisis team to the city at 17:00 to provide support and advice to Nordic travellers who are now in the city.

Substantial growth in Falck – but severely affected by the crisis in the oil and gas industry

While Falck successfully increased revenue and strengthened its position in Europe and on the North and Latin American markets, the crisis in the global oil and gas industry affected Falck.

Falck expands to Lithuania

Falck has acquired the Lithuanian assistance company Atlas Assistance. “Another great step in our strategy”, says CEO Bo Uggerhoj, Falck Assistance

Falck wins contract to provide fire and rescue services at Bodø Airport in Norway

Falck will be providing fire and rescue services at the airport of Bodo, Norway, from August

Falck enters partnership with IFC and IFU in Sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan nations will be the focus for the joint venture within primary and secondary health care services for the growing middle classes.

Crisis Team Returns From Paris

During the last days, Falck has followed the situation in Paris closely. We have continuous-ly evaluated the situation, and the need for Falck’s presence in Paris is declining.

Falck acquires Australian emergency response company Deanmac

Falck has completed the acquisition of Deanmac Emergency Services. With the acquisition, the operational staff in Australia grows from approximately 130 to 255 employees.

Psychologist after terrorist attacks in Paris: It’s all about retrieving faith in everyday life

When people experience a dramatic incident like the terror attacks in Paris on Friday, most of us subsequently will experience more or less strong reactions.

Falck deploys crisis team to Paris to assist Nordic travellers

After the terrorist attack in Paris Friday night, Falck deploys a crisis team to Paris to pro-vide support and advice to Nordic travellers.

Falck Global Assistance awarded Assistance Company of the Year 2015

Falck Global Assistance was awarded Assistance Company of the Year at the 13th ITIJ Industry Awards at the Megaron Concert Hall in Athens, Greece, on November 5th 2015.

Falck has entered the Swiss Emergency-market

Falck has entered the Swiss Emergency-market

Jesper Lok to leave Falck

Jesper Lok is stepping down as CEO of Falck’s Emergency Division

Falck expands in the US

Within just six month, Falck won new ambulance contracts in Orange County, Salem and Aurora. The contracts represent a significant growth for Falck in the US.

Tough Falck employees feature in documentary on National Geographic Channel

A group of extraordinary roadside service officers from Norway is the focus point of a new documentary series produced by National Geographic Channel.

Falck supports and sponsors the EMS 2016 Congress in Copenhagen

Falck will be a main sponsor for the first European congress on emergency medical services, EMS 2016 in Copenhagen.

Falck expands within emergency services in Finland

One of the two biggest Finnish emergency service companies 9Lives has become part of the Falck Group.

Falck now has a LEGO® ambulance

A quarter of a million LEGO® bricks were used to build a brand new type of ambulance: a Falck LEGO® ambulance. It will be used for exhibition purposes at conferences in the healthcare field in Denmark and abroad.

New Public-Private Partnership in the Netherlands

Falck Fire Services and the Dutch public fire brigade plan to cooperate in a special Public-Private Partnership in the Netherlands.

Falck publishes scientific article in international journal

A new Falck-study examines hygiene for uniforms. The results have been published in a peer-reviewed international journal and distributed at the European ECCMID conference

Falck wins a large tender for ambulance services in Spain

Falck had the winning bid in a large tender for ambulance services in Catalonia, Spain, and was rated best in terms of both price and quality.

Falck significantly strengthened its international position in 2014

Falck’s Annual Report for 2014 shows strong revenue growth of 11.3% to DKK 14 billion (EUR 1.9 billion).

Falck Healthcare strengthens services in Sweden

Falck Healthcare acquires Swedish-based Manpower Hälsopartner and can now offer more and better services to its business partners

Falck and BORNEfonden in West Africa partnership

Falck and BORNEfonden have agreed a new NGO-corporate partnership to train healthcare staff in Benin in West Africa in assisting to make childbirths safer and reduce maternal mortality.

Falck to operate ambulance services throughout Region Zealand

​Falck will be providing ambulance services to all people of Region Zealand. That is the consequence of a decision made by the Regional Council at its meeting held Thursday evening.

Falck wins ambulance contracts in the Capital Region of Denmark

Falck was awarded the permitted maximum of four sub-contracts when the Capital Region today made its decision in the tendering procedure for the region's ambulance services.

Falck awarded first contract in tender for ambulance services in Region Zealand

Falck has been awarded the contract for ambulance services in what used to be Roskilde County, having submitted the best bid in terms of quality, supply security and price.

Falck to fight fires in Portugal

Falck has gained the responsibility of providing firefighting in Portugal’s busiest airport in Lisbon.

Jesper Lok to head Falck's Emergency Division

Aiming to continue its international success in providing ambulance and fire-fighting services Falck is organising the Emergency Division as an independent division with Jesper Lok as its CEO.

Falck regrets loss of ambulance services contract with Region of Southern Denmark

The Region of Southern Denmark has informed Falck that, following its call for tenders for ambulance services, it has awarded the contract for all four parts of the region to other tenderers than Falck.

Falck acquires asset protection and emergency response business

Falck develops its Industrial Fire Services business by acquiring Sembcorp Utilities UK’s Asset Protection and Emergency Response business

Falck-supported researcher maps public-private partnerships

Christiane Stelling has obtained her PhD degree on public-private partnerships and trust.

Falck wins fire contract at Rio International Airport

Falck has won a 10-year contract covering fire fighting services for Rio International Airport in Brazil.

Falck and ECU sign global agreement

Falck and Edith Cowan University have signed an agreement to collaborate on emergency medical education and research.

Falck Healthcare largest provider in Scandinavia

Falck Healthcare to merge with TryghedsGruppen’s two healthcare providers: Previa and Quick Care. The new agreement makes Falck Healthcare the largest player in Scandinavia. At the same time, TryghedsGruppen will become a shareholder in Falck.

Falck expands into the Czech Republic

The Falck Group has entered the Czech ambulance market through an acquisition of the Baukomplex company, the 3rd largest company operating patient transport services in the Czech Republic.

Falck continues global expansion

Falck’s Annual Report for 2013 shows revenue growth of 9.0% to DKK 12.5 billion, mainly generated in the current business, where organic growth accounted for 7.7%.

Lars Nørby Johansen to retire as Falck Chairman and be replaced by Thorleif Krarup

After 16 years as CEO followed by ten years as Chairman of the Board of Directors, Lars Nørby Johansen has decided to leave the Falck Group in connection with the Annual General Meeting to be held on 30 April.

Falck Fire Services signs the first contract in Belgium

From January 1st, 2014, Falck Fire Services in Belgium will provide fire services to the nuclear power plant Electrabel which is located in Doel.

Falck Fire Services established in Italy

​Falck Fire Services has signed its first contract in Italy. Falck Servizi Industriali di Emergenza will provide fire services from 1st of January 2014 to SARPOM – EXXONMOBIL.

Falck Safety Services will be represented in Canada

Following the acquisition of the Canadian company Survival Systems Integrated Services, Falck Safety Services will be servicing the offshore industry in Canada.

Falck enters Australia

Falck has signed an agreement to acquire the majority of shares in the Australian company HES which provides medical emergency response and related services to the mining and oil & gas industries in Australia.

Falck now in Angola

Falck has established a company in Angola which will spearhead the introduction of Falck products and services into the country.

Copenhagen Airport signs new disability services agreement

Copenhagen Airport and Falck have entered into a three-year agreement for Falck to continue providing PRM services.

Falck acquires Skandinavisk Hälsovård AB

Falck expands its network of doctors and nurses to become the largest health staff provider in the Nordic region.

Falck merger in Germany

The German authorities clear the establishment of the biggest private rescue services provider in Germany.

Germany's largest ambulance company becomes part of Falck

Falck will get a solid platform for growth on the German market through the acquisition of all German activities of G.A.R.D., the largest private ambulance services provider in Germany.

Falck opens safety training centre in Mexico

Falck has opened a new safety training centre in Port of Ciudad del Carmen in Mexico.

Falck buys Californian ambulance company

The Californian company Verihealth is now a part of Falck’s expanding ambulance operations in USA.

Falck opens medical clinic in Russia

The citizens of Vladivostok in Russia will soon be able to receive treatment at a Falck medical clinic.

Falck continues global expansion, but with a downturn in Denmark

In 2012, Falck continued its global expansion. Falck has just released its 2012 annual report, showing a revenue growth of 12.9% to DKK 11.5 billion.

Falck wins ambulance contracts in Sweden

Ambulance services were put up for tender in three districts in southern Sweden. Falck offered the best deal in all three.

Ambulances for Finland

Falck ambulances will be on Finnish roads once again at the beginning of the new year.

Falck adds two ambulances in Germany

Injured and sick citizens of Gelsenkirchen will be helped by Falck from springtime.

Falck buys safety training company in USA

Falck expands position as the leading provider of safety training in the US Gulf of Mexico.

Falck acquires Florida ambulance company

Falck has acquired the ambulance company American Ambulance which has 800 employees and operates more than 100 ambulances and 75 non-medical vehicles in Florida, USA.

Falck behind medical clinics in Kazakhstan

Newly acquired medical clinics in Kazakhstan will platform further expansions.

Falck buys PreviaSundhed

Falck has acquired PreviaSundhed from TryghedsGruppen thus further enhancing its position as the largest health care provider in Denmark.

Falck will run ambulance services in Sri Lanka

Falck expects to be operational before the end of 2012 with local partner Med1.

Falck wins two ambulance contracts in Germany

Falck has won its first two contracts for ambulance services in Germany within a period of only one week.

Falck helps out at football Euros

During the next three weeks, 240 Falck employees and 26 ambulances in Poland are standing by to help out if players or spectators at the Euros are injured.

Falck offers dentist service on the job

Thousands of Danes do not see a dentist regularly. Falck now intends to bring a dentist to them at their workplace.

Annual Report 2011

Falck's revenue for 2011 was up by 21.8% to DKK 10.2 billion, of which revenue generated outside Denmark accounted for DKK 4.7 billion, a 53.9% year-on-year increase.

Falck now in Chile

Following the acquisition of Chilean company Aprem, Falck will be servicing the mining industry in Latin America from now on.

Falck will take over 50 ambulances in Sweden

Due to bankruptcy Falck will be stepping in to take responsibility for 300 employees and 50 ambulances in the southern part of Sweden.

Lainsa-SCI changes name to Falck SCI

Grupo Dominguis and Falck have established the new brand Falck SCI and is looking forward to expanding services and growing internationally.

Falck to operate ambulances in Spain

Falck has acquired an ambulance company based in the Barcelona area. The company will be used as a platform for rolling out ambulance services in Spain.

More ambulances for Falck in Poland

Falck has won the tender to run an additional 29 ambulances and a lifeboat in the Lodz region of Poland - thus expanding its position as the country’s leading rescue service.

Fire service is cheap in Denmark

Falck is probably the reason why fire service is so cheap in Danmark, says World Fire Statistics by The Geneva Assosciation.

Falck acquires German ambulance company

For the first time, Falck will be active in rescue operations in Germany. Falck has bought the German ambulance and patient transport company Krankentransport Herzig GmbH.

Falck subsidiary buys Colombian ambulance company

Falck stregthens its activities in Latin America by its subsidiary EMI’s acquisition of Servicio de Emergencias Regional.

Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service and Falck EMS UK Ltd sign Memorandum of Understanding

Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service and Falck EMS UK Ltd have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to develop ways of working together as preferred partners.

Falck Healthcare buys HealthCare Danmark

Falck Healthcare has bought Denmark’s second largest private health solution provider, HealthCare Danmark.

New Danish ownership of Falck

The Lundbeck Foundation, KIRKBI and the members of Falck’s Executive Management Board become principal shareholders of Falck and Nordic Capital Fund V (“Nordic Capital”) sells all its shares in Falck.

Falck acquires 63% of EMI, the leading ambulance and home care company in Latin America

Falck has acquired 63.1 percent of EMI Holdings Management S.A., Panama (EMI), the parent company of the leading Latin American ambulance and home care group of companies headquartered in Colombia.

Falck acquires outpatient clinics in Poland

Falck has acquired a majority stake in the company Starowka which operates four primary care, specialist care and day surgery clinics in Warzaw and the Central part of Poland.

Falck completes acquisition of US ambulance company LifeStar

Falck has completed the acquisition of LifeStar, a US east coast based Emergency Medical Services (EMS) company operating 440 ambulances and other rescue vehicles.

Falck has acquired Californian Ambulance Company

Falck has acquired the US ambulance company Care Ambulance Service that operates more than 135 ambulances in Los Angeles County and Orange County in California in the US.


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