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International travel and business call for more focus on employee safety and corporate Duty of Care programmes. Falck Global Assistance assists customers before, during and after a travel or stationing abroad.
Falck Global Assistance is a full-spectrum international assistance company offering bespoke single-point-of-contact solutions. Conditions and requirements vary from country to country, and there are many things to consider when doing business internationally. With Falck Global Assistance as your global assistance partner, you can be certain that your workers are in safe hands throughout their travels. 

We service insurance companies, global corporations, NGOs as well as governmental organisations with tailored solutions in international travel assistance, medical emergency assistance, security risk management services, crisis management and remote-site services. 

An increased focus on risk assessment and Duty of Care commitments​

As the international interests of companies have increased, so has the need for addressing companies’ Duty of Care structure. Global business travel has become more frequent and more complex as companies increase their international business scope. This increased travel activity puts greater expectations on employers to meet their Duty of Care obligations.

In most cases, insurance is a financial risk mitigation tool and not a Duty of Care solution. Signing up with Falck Global Assistance allows us to be your Duty of Care advisor and service provider in one integrated solution.
Under one-point-of contact, we help companies meet their Duty of Care obligations towards their international travellers and expatriates before, during and after a trip or stay. 

For easy overview, we have divided our many services into three service memberships; Medical, Security and Crisis Management as well as a range of Remote-site services that can be tailored to specific needs. 

Assistance before, during and after a travel

Medical and emergency assistance

Global 24/7
emergency response.

Travel risk management

Stay aware and learn
to handle potential
security risks.

Preparation and effective crisis response

Develop a professional
crisis management plan.

Facilities at remote locations

Safe work environment in
difficult worksites.

Download Risk Map

​Get more informaion on the security and medical risks around the globe. 

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