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​​Who are we?
See our video about who we are, and how we secure the health, safety, and security of our global customers travelling or working abroad.  

Gut feeling or strategy


Gain overview of your medical and security set-up. 


In short: Your Duty of Care obligation


Using GlobalAware, 

employees can access information and advice for 192 countries on all digital platforms around the clock.

No businesses are alike


Our concept is simple: We customise our full range of services to fit the needs of your company.

​​General travel advice


Our wide range of medical and security assistance offerings can be customised to match your specific needs.


​Together, we ensure that your customers are always in safe hands, wherever they travel.

Career in Falck

With us, you have the opportunity to make a difference for distressed travellers.

Sydhavnsgade 18

DK-2450 Copenhagen SV


Tel: +45 70 25 04 05

Fax: +45 77 31 15 01




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