Business areas

Falck is based on five business streams – Emergency, Assistance, Healthcare, Safety Services and Global Assistance.
The emergency business defines the values and the thinking of Falck. The way we look at safety, assistance and healthcare stems from the values and the thinking of emergency. Our approach to management and our approach to leadership come from those values. Assistance, Healthcare and Safety Services get their strong differential from other providers by being tied into, embedded in and indeed value-driven by Emergency. It is this combination that has made our business combination successful and will continue to drive our success for the future.
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Falck milestones
Falck’s company development from its origin in 1906 to the present:
​1906 ​Assistance

2001 Healthcare
​1907 ​Ambulance ​2003 Clinics

​Doctors on-call

​2004 Start of globalisation
​1909 ​Fire fighting equipment sale and education ​2008 ​Alarms
​1922 ​Fire fighting 2009 Global Assistance


​Fire fighter school


​Ambulances in USA and Latin America


​Private subscriptions


​New long-term owners (Lundbeck
​1942 ​Artificial lungs to polio patients ​Foundation and KIRKBI)
​1997 ​Offshore training ​2014 ​TryghedsGruppen included in ownership


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