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Since our founding father Sophus Falck started his business in 1906, Falck has played an integral part in the development of the local communities in which we have operated. Falck has always been deeply engaged and involved in plans for improving the way local governments respond to their responsibility of making their districts safer places to live and work.

True to this legacy, local community involvement is an integral part of Falck’s business models and operations. In our work with local communities we will
  • ​share our knowledge and capabilities, allowing other people to benefit from these learnings
  • strive to make a real difference in local communities by spreading awareness about health, safety and first aid procedures
  • seek to actively impact and debate the challenges faced by the societies in which we operate
  • actively engage in social projects that benefit local communities
  • contribute to creating and sustaining an accommodating labour market. 

We define CSR community activities as charitable, non-commercial, contributions - as well as donations (funds, goods or services) - made by the business units to support health and safety awareness in the community.

A key part of Falck’s contribution to the communities we serve is to increase knowledge on safety, first aid and acute life-saving efforts, but also to contribute to the general awareness of health. 

Falck aims to contribute to events and associations related to health and safety in the markets where we are present. The knowledge accumulated over Falck’s history has the power to raise awareness of health, safety and first aid standards and help make the communities we serve become safer places to live.

Falck is involved in social projects in many of its countries of operation with a view to improving health conditions in those countries, while also assessing and developing its business potential in those markets. The common denominator in all these projects is that Falck is an organisation of people helping people.

An important aspect that characterises Falck’s contribution to the community is our special focus on hiring and setting up traineeships for people who need to gain a foothold in the labour market, including young people with special employment issues and disabled people.

The purpose is to help them get used to daily working conditions by offering flexible jobs, work tests, training programmes and networking opportunities as well as experiencing exchange sessions.

A wide range of Falck entities donate equipment and assist with developing pre-hospital activities in other countries where assistance in this area is lacking.


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