Occupational health and safety

Falck operates in an area where safe procedures and standards are required in all daily operations. As part of the company’s core business, Falck constantly focuses on different elements of safety, both in the customers’ and our own operations. 

Falck employs highly qualified people and we see it as our duty to protect our employees by ensuring that workplaces are operated in a proper, safe and sound manner.

We aim to prevent psychological and physical strain through a transparent division of duties and obligations as well as by the application of various technological aids when handling heavy materials and lifting people during patient transport. 

Furthermore, Falck aims to continuously improve the working methods and sees adaptability as a key to success. The company also recognises good Occupational Health & Safety management and performance as strong contributors to the success of our business.

We work to:
  • reduce the number of work-related accidents and incidents
  • reduce the number of injuries in connection with Falck’s activities
  • be the safest and most reliable provider of the above services
  • involve our employees in maintaining high safety and working environment standards. 
At Falck, the responsibility for risk management within Occupational Health & Safety is placed as close to the local operations as possible in order to be adaptive and to constantly control risks and improve performance.
Falck believes that all employees should be involved in the identification and mitigation of local operational risks that may threaten the health and safety of our employees or influence the quality of service delivered to our customers. Consequently, we ask our employees to report any potential hazards and initiatives that should be considered.

As a result of this reporting and our work with the risks present in terms of occupational health and safety, we have identified several risk areas that require Falck to focus on mitigating activities:
  • ​heavy lifting in ambulance and clinic operations
  • appropriate training and use of equipment
  • psychological pressure from handling emergency situations
  • safe driving
  • duty of care towards employees travelling or working outside their home country.
These initiatives are implemented locally in order to build a sense of ownership and to make sure that factors such as legal requirements, customer requirements and local cultural differences are taken into account.


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