Employment conditions

Falck’s services are often associated with situations involving people and customers exposed to situations of uncertainty and anxiety – particularly when our employees assist people who are in acute danger.


Our employees are crucial for us to be able to deliver services at a superior level of quality and value, for which the company continues to strive.


Working with our patients and our customers requires good social skills among our employees, including helpful care and personal values ​​in line with Falck’s core values. It also requires that the employees have the knowledge and training needed to ensure that the situation is being resolved using specialist education and skills.


Consequently, Falck believes that maintaining long-term relationships with our employees is necessary in order to build such skills and develop collaborative routines within our individual teams. For these reasons, it is also important for Falck to ensure a low staff turnover, and we work systematically to enhance employee retention.


The objectives of Falck’s initiatives in this policy area are to:

  • enhance staff retention by reducing staff turnover rates
  • reduce absence due to sickness and work-related injuries
  • increase employee satisfaction
  • strengthen management quality.

​The work performed by Falck can be stressful for the mind and body. For example, some of our employees are required to respond to acute events where people may have been badly injured, while others may need to assist heavy patients into or out of vehicles, which may lead to an increased risk of back injury and other musculoskeletal injuries. Consequently, we have systems in place that mitigate the effect of sickness and work-related injuries and place strong emphasis on ensuring a positive working environment. The operational nature of Falck's services means that there is a particular need for increased efforts to reduce staff turnover and workplace incidents and injuries.

UK Modern Slavery Act
On  March 3rd 2017 the Board of Directors in Falck approved the UK Modern Slavery ACT (“MSA”) Statement.


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